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The hill Cerinek (761m), with a national park of the same name, lie about 10 kilometers westward of Jihlava and about 5 kilometers from Novy Rychnov. The hill is a much-sought-for recreation place and one of the best-known ski centers in Vysocina. Almost the whole park is covered by mixed forest. There is a natural monument “Hojkovske raseliniste” (Hojkovske moor) on the northwest part. In the protected zone called “Na Skalce” there is an insulated rock gallery with rock basins and weep runners. Certuv Hradek is a rock peak located on the Cerinek ridge close to the southwest end of the park. There are outstanding remains of natural rock ramparts with rock basins. A huge rock outcrop is a part of the protected zone as well; it is 11 meters high and 22 meters wide. Its weathering has created the stone sea there. A six kilometers long educational “Cerninek” trail, with 14 information stops, leads through Predni Skaly surroundings.

Spring near Cerinek
Rock formation
Rock Predni skala

Rock formation

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